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List Links for the EquineRepro Facebook Group and EquineRepro@yahoogroups.com e-mail list

A Facebook profile is required to post in the EquineRepro Facebook Group, although it can be read without joining the group.

Yahoo! login is required for access to all of the Yahoo! e-mail list pages except the main page for the list and the messages (links 2 and 3). You will need your username and password in order to be able to access the Yahoo! site.
The Facebook Group site. Visit to read the posts and join the EquineRepro Facebook Group using your Facebook profile.
The e-mail list site at Yahoo! Log in here for access to all of the e-mail list information.
The e-mail list archives at Yahoo! View and search the entire e-mail list archives.
Your groups listing at Yahoo! This lists all the groups you are subscribed to on Yahoo!
Add new e-mail address Add a new e-mail address to your group settings at Yahoo!
Edit your Yahoo! e-mail group settings at Yahoo! Edit your list settings. This is the location to go to change your mail from individual messages to digest or "no mail". You can change your e-mail address to a new address here, once you have added the new address (see above). It is also where you can go to unsubscribe. Please note that the moderators cannot access this on your behalf - YOU have to do it!!
Your e-mail preferences at Yahoo! You can check your e-mail "bounce" status here, and determine what the problem is if there has been a problem. You can also add or remove an e-mail address by following the links for those services that appear towards the top of the page.
E-mail List member files Load and view files onto the Yahoo! list server. There are a variety of categories already set up, but more can be added if there is not a suitable one already present.
E-mail List member links Load and view links submitted by list members.
Post to the e-mail list Post a message to the list via the internet rather than by sending an e-mail.
Help on groups at Yahoo! View help topics on a variety of Yahoo! groups issues. Read this page (and all sub-pages) thoroughly before contacting the moderators of this list with a request for assistance relating to the list!