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With almost 40,000 posts, there are many frequently asked questions (FAQ's) posted to EquineRepro@yahoogroups.com
To save time and energy, we present some here with their answers.

Many of the same questions will be asked on the EquineRepro Facebook Group, so you may save yourself some time by taking a quick look here, or by searching the Facebook Group page first - look for the little magnifying glass on that page to search the Facebook Group.

Please note the following:

  • This list will be added to periodically.

  • Where there are variations on a question, that variation is shown within the question in the following manner: [var: this is the question variant].

  • We have broken the FAQ's down into 3 fields (this may change in the future), which are:
    The non-pregnant mare
    The pregnant mare
    The stallion

  • The questions are numbered. If you have asked a question of the list, you may have been referred here with a reference such as:
    See stallion FAQ #5
    This would indicate that you should refer to the FAQ number 5 in the stallion section for your answer. Then when you've finished reading the answer, check out the rest of the FAQ's so that you don't cause someone to have to refer you here again in answer to another question from you!!! naughty, naughty!

  • Terms that are considered technical and worth learning are "in inverted commas, underlined and in italics".