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Welcome to the official web site of
the most successful e-mail list dedicated to equine reproduction!

On October 23rd, 1998 a lady with tremendous foresight by the name of Jennifer Flannery recognised a need within the horse breeding Internet community, and created the e-mail list "EquineRepro" on what was then "OneList". With a free subscription, the membership list was soon growing! In the years since, "OneList" has been bought by "E-Groups" and then "Yahoo!"; and the e-mail list Jennifer created is now known as EquineRepro@yahoogroups.com, has grown to over 3,300 subscribers, and is the largest equine reproduction e-mail list on the Internet!

With over 46,300 messages posted since it's (as of July, 2013), there have been an amazingly wide variety of topics discussed!

In 2013, recognizing the increased acceptance of Social Media, we created an EquineRepro Facebook Group which has already grown dramatically and has over 1,000 members in just a few months!

The list description reads:

"Equine reproduction discussion, including collecting, evaluating, cooling/freezing and shipping of semen; artificial insemination, embryo transfer, and stallion and mare infertility issues are all topics you can expect to see on the list. Please note that genetics discussion (such as color genetics) is not considered suitable for this list, as genetics is too large a subject and is deserving of a list of its own!

Our members include first-time breeders, breeders with extensive broodmare and stallion experience and reproductive professionals.

This list is strictly on-topic and tightly moderated to keep it that way!"

All of the topics she mentions have been discussed, and many, many more besides!

Because of the large number of subscribers, discussion is kept strictly "on topic", with general "chatty" posts not permitted. Although this sounds as though it is highly restrictive, and could result in a very tedious "straight" list, it has in fact resulted in one of the friendliest and consistently useful lists one could imagine, which is remarkably free of both unpleasant "flaming" and advertising! A claim which sadly all too few e-mail lists are able to make!

Browse around the website here and view the latest topics being discussed and see if it is a list that interests you - and if it is, you can subscribe from this site as well! Use the links buttons at the left to navigate through the site.

We hope to see you either on the Facebook Group or the list soon!